Shipping to more destinations

octobre 18, 2016

More countries have been added to our shipping list:

  • Asia (5 countries),
  • Canada,
  • Caribbean (19 countries),
  • Channel Islands & I.O.M,
  • Mexico,
  • Sri Lanka,

*Canada has been reintroduced for orders weighing up to 500g only

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    Temporary closure from 19th Jan - 28th Jan

    janvier 12, 2021

    As we are moving premises on the 22nd January the last postal date for internet orders before our move is Tuesday 19th January............

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    No more EU shipping

    janvier 09, 2021

    The EU has imposed import tariffs on our non UK manufactured goods which......

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    Last postal time changes

    décembre 04, 2020

    Changes to postal times

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