Vat / Tax Details

Underpinner Spares is registered for UK Vat and as such all prices on the website are displayed with both the 'including vat' and 'excluding vat' prices.


EU Customers:

If you are a EU Vat registered business you are exempt from paying UK Vat, enter your Vat number (which must include your country code) in the EU Vat No: section of the shopping cart and the Vat will be refunded once we have checked the validity of the number provided. EU Vat numbers are checked at the end of each working day so may lead to a slight delay whilst these checks are being carried out.

* In order to comply with UK tax regulations Vat will be also be added to any EU shipping costs *


Rest of the World:

Customer orders from outside the European Union will have the product Vat removed from their order.
The Vat will be automatically deducted from your 'inc vat' product price when at the 'Checkout' stage, after you have selected your delivery country outside of the European Union and confirmed your delivery details.