Foot Pedal (2 Port)



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Replacement 2 port foot pedal fitted to various types of equipment, the '2 port' signifies how many pipes are connected to the rear of the pedal

Please note: this pedal does not come with airline fittings, just transfer the fittings from your current pedal or order two new 1/4 bsp fittings.

(this pedal is not compatible with the Minigraf 3, 4 or Cassese Cs89, please see our 3 port pedal for those machines)

Info: Cassese in recent years have started cost cutting by fitting EMC branded pedals to their machinery, the EMC brand is cheap & very nasty rubbish which constantly fail, our pedals are made by Pneumax and are far superior quality. (older Cassese models were fitted with the Univer / Pneumax brand before switching to EMC)